Welcome to Harjumaja!

My name is Jenna Hannula. I am really glad that you came to see my page and get to know me and my work as a doula. All my services are available in English.

I am certified professional doula, pediatric nurse, breastfeeding counselor and reflexological massagist. I am a mother of two adorable children and a wife. Me and my family live at Ylöjärvi.

I meet my clients at my home at Ylöjärvi, at Vauvakuiskaajat space at Tampere and I also visit at client's home. I support families in pregnancy, birth and postpartum as a professional doula. In addition to basic doula work, I offer breastfeeding guidance, birth and postpartum coaching and body treatments for babies and adults.

I have worked at TAYS in Tampere and Jorvi's hospital in Espoo. I have worked as a nurse versatilely in different departments, treating people of different ages. I have also worked in private healthcare at Pihlajalinna and in the women's shelter of Tampere (Tampereen ensi- & turvakoti). I currently work part-time as entrepreneur and part-time in family business as a technical wholesaler. After my first-born child's birth, I wanted to help families with my professional skills but I didn't want to work in a hospital. I wanted to give better and more personal guidance, so I decided to start my own business.

My goal and values

My main goal is to serve and help families to have better and more supported beginning in a big life change. No one should have to survive alone. Parents need personal support and the support of community, which I try to increase as best I can.

I own strong knowledge of health care and hospital practices, which allow me to coach families to have better birth experience. I encourage families to give birth naturally, but I guide medical methods and their benefits and risks. It's important to me that families can make informed decisions.

I am a gentle, honest and understanding person. The most important values of my work are well-being, equality and nature. I emphasize inclusive language in my work and I want to use the terms you defined.

All my services are structured so that you can get support for either a short or a long time.

I offer a free introductory meeting so that you can be sure of my suitability for your family. Call me ( phone 050-4698800 ) or send an email ( harjumajandoula@gmail.com ) and let's arrange a time for our meeting.

About my education:

  • Doula certification training, Doula-Akatemia 2022-2023 -> certificated 2023
  • Registered nurse (specialization for pediatric nurse) , TAMK 2016
  • WHO Breastfeeding counselor, TAYS 2016
  • Advanced course for breastfeeding counselors -tightness in the mouth and head area, Elonaskel 2023
  • Advanced course for breastfeeding counselors - tight tongue or lip tie, treatment and rehabilitation, Lähineuvola 2023
  • Happiest Baby - method course, TAMK 2016
  • Volunteer doula training 20h, Tampereen ensi- & turvakoti 2022
  • Basic course of reflexology, Raija Pullinen 2021
  • Reflexological babymassage, Elonaskel 2022
  • Body treatments for pregnancy, Superfiilis 2022
  • Acupressure for self-care, Merja Pennanen 2022